Peanut Lovers Variety Pack
16ct Box

Love Peanuts but can't decide whether to go straight up or with Dark Chocolate? This is the pack for you! 

With 13 grams of our proprietary Bright Organic Plant Protein blend, 7-8 grams of fiber and nothing but clean ingredients, this bar will keep you feeling Bright and ready to go. Enjoy out of the fridge for one week - take them wherever your journey takes you.

Box of Sixteen (16) Bars - 8 Peanut Butter + 8 Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts
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+ Prebiotic Fiber (from tapioca)

+ Organic Pumpkin Protein 

+ Organic Pea Protein 

+Organic Brown Rice Protein 

+ Organic Coconut Nectar

+Cacao Butter 

+ Sunflower Lecithin

+Vitamin E


+Apple Powder 

+ Banana Powder

+ Coconut Milk Powder

+ Kale Powder

+ Spinach Powder

+Reishi Powder 

+Maca Powder

+Organic Agave Nectar


Say Hello To The Next Generation of Refrigerated Bars!

Eat Right, Live Bright. 

12g Complete Plant Protein
Bright Superfood Blend
Dairy and Egg Free
8g Fiber
9g of Sugar

50% Less Sugar Than The Leading Refrigerated Bar Brand