How long is it good for out of the fridge?

For 24 hours. Take it wherever the day takes you.

Can I take a Bright Bar with me on a hike or bike ride? Will it get smushed in my pocket?

Yes, bring it with! For best results, just put it in the freezer the night before.

So, you use the leftover pulp from juice, right?

Nope. We use whole vegetables and fruits. Everything you see running down the left hand side of this page goes in as is (except for peels and pith).

Wait, you’re telling me that whole, fresh fruits and vegetables are in these products?

Yep. Fiber is good stuff, and with Bright Bar, you get to keep it.

How do you get Bright Bars to stick together? Is there anything artificial in there?

You won’t find any stabilizers, gelling agents or gums in our bars - just real food. 

How long will Bright Bars keep in the fridge?

90-110 days, depending on the flavor. For even longer shelf life, store them in the freezer!

Are your products Non-GMO Verified?

Yes! All of our products are non GMO verified in addition, we use organic ingredients whenever we can! 

Can I give Bright Bars to my kids?

Yes! Many people are elated to find their kids devouring kale, carrots and beets once they taste our fruit-forward bars.

Where do I find Bright Bar in the store?

Always in the refrigerated section. At Sprouts you can find us located in the "Fresh Finds" coolers. In other stores you may find us in the "Grab and Go" section or near the juices, kombucha or dairy section of the store. 

Where can I buy Bright Bar? Do you sell your products online?

We currently ship Bright Bars across the continental U.S! If you’d like to find us at retail, check out our "Where To Buy" tab located in the top menu. If you’d like us to come to a store in your neck of the woods, drop us a line at hello@brightfoods.com – we’d love to hear from you!

My bars have arrived, what temperature should they be at?

When your package arrives, please be sure to put the bars in the refrigerator right away (within 12 hrs of drop-off at your address). When you open your shipment box, the ice packs may be melted but your bars should be cool to the touch. If the bars are warm or hot, please discard them (do not consume) and reach out to us.

Our bars are good out of the fridge for 24 hrs so you can enjoy them on the go, but they should be stored in the refrigerator.

What do I do if my bar is defective/damaged?

Our bars undergo thorough quality assurance procedures to ensure they live up to our high standards. However, if you find a damaged or defective bar upon arrival that doesn't meet your expectations, please send us a photo of the defect so that we can assess the situation and prevent it from happening again. We will either replace the bars or issue you a full refund, whichever you prefer.

I believe the bars may have been tampered with, what should I do?

If you see damaged / compromised seals on your bar wrappers, or suspect any kind of food tampering, DO NOT EAT the product. Please snap a few photos of the suspected tampering and send to us here so we can assess the situation and prevent it from happening again.

I received the wrong stuff / don’t like the stuff I got. Can I return or exchange it?

Because our product is real food and perishable, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or exchanges. However, if there was an issue with your shipment or you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will work to make it right.

My order hasn’t arrived yet!

If you selected ground shipping, please allow up to 7 business days for your order to arrive. If it still has not come, please reach out to us.

Where do you ship to, and what orders qualify for free shipping? 

We currently offer shipping across the continental U.S. (all states excluding Alaska and Hawaii), but please check back regularly for updates as we expand!
Free Shipping is offered for orders qualifying for standard, domestic ground delivery only, and excludes all International shipping. Other expedited shipping methods are available but will be charged at the prevailing carrier shipping rates. Due to the perishable nature of our product, domestic ground delivery is only available for California addresses at this time. All other shipments will require either 2-Day or 1-Day overnight delivery in order to ensure product arrives to you as fresh and cold as possible.

What is your policy on refunds, returns, and exchanges?

Please see here for our Customer Experience Philosophy and Refund Policy.