Our story is simple: We make the kind of real food that we want to eat.

Why Bright? Because we want you to be bright. We want you to make smart choices. We want you to be your best self. We want to encourage you to cook, create, workout, eat out, take pics of your food, eat a pile of fries, dance, sing, party - be you. We want to be here for you to provide the fuel to really help you be one thing that only you get the chance to be - you.

Us? We are food nerds. We love going into the grocery store, taking pictures of “sets” (the aisle you are in and the products that are in it) and seeing what's new, interesting, different - and delicious. We're on a mission to make food better and to make food that helps us all feel better.

We LOVE hearing from you, so reach out if you ever want to say hi, chat, or share a GIF that made you laugh. If you love what we're doing, share and spread the world - it truly helps. If you don’t, help us be better by shooting me an email (brenden@brightfoods.com). I promise to read and respond.

Be Bright,
Founder & CEO


CEO • Founder • Food Lover • Cyclist

Family Man • Friend • Aspiring Jazz Guitarist


COO • CFO • Co-founder • World Traveler

Bread Baker • Tinkerer • Sci-Fi Fan

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